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23 Lipca 2014, 4:20

Welcome to FILOMATA -  a private educational institution in Gliwice, Poland.
We are the school of possibilities – a modern centre focused on conveying knowledge, teaching abilities and forming proper attitude. We create a friendly environment to discover talents and develop interests. The earliest years spent at FILOMATA  is the time of the beginning of a wonderful journey, which is life. To live it to the full, it is necessary to be well prepared. Our task is to create proper abilities to do so  for children and the youth.
Supporting environment
We refer to values which  were followed by the first Philomaths – equality, friendship, trust and mutual help. We work so that obtaining knowledge and abilities, and forming the personality of our students take place in a friendly atmosphere.
No work, no pay
We are of the opinion that every single valuable thing requires effort. Therefore  work and devotion are required  in the process of obtaining knowledge and self-development.  Therefore we wish to help students in shaping the key competence.

Competence tool kit

We focus on shaping the key competence which is essential in life. These are as follows:

  •  the possibility to communicate properly with others
  •  friendly attitude towards yourself and others
  •  faith in your strength, willingness to make effort to achieve aims and targets
  •  treating failures as an indispensable element in the process of learning and dealing with them
  •  planning your life

Feeling of fulfillment
We undertake our teaching so that FILOMATA students could learn how to be fulfilled and happy human beings. We wish our schools to be the places which equip our students with a wise system of values and not only the knowledge related to the subject matter.
Interpersonal relationships
A HUMAN BEING is the highest value for us. Interpersonal relationships constitute the starting point for us. We pay attention to discussion instead of speaking in contacts with children, students and parents.
We care about emotional safety of our students. We eliminate fear in any form. Instead of that we instil ambition, hope and the willingness to obtain success in different areas, both in learning and other domains.



Our school was established in 1996 as a result of the deep belief that we can create a better school, more attractive to students, parents and teachers. We had our own concept and vision of the school. We have been doing it incessantly for 18 years. Firstly, high school with one class was created and in the following years junior high school, primary school and kindergarten  as the most recent educational institution came into existence. Currently FILOMATA consists of 5 educational institutions with more than 100 employees and 500 graduates on different  levels of teaching. We are proud of our activity and the way of our influence on the education of children and the youth in Gliwice.
The excellent team of teachers is definitely one of the greatest achievements. These teachers do their job with passion and are able to convey the knowledge, infect with enthusiasm and encourage students to learn. Their classes are interesting and thought-provoking. Due to their involvement we are able to create attractive environment for children and the youth.
Teachers in kindergarten
Teachers in primary school
Teachers in junior high school
Teachers in high school
People are our force
Children, parents and teachers are involved in the teaching process . The following DECLARATION OF CO-OPERATION RULES was created to define clearly what parents and children can expect from us and what we can expect from them. Best effects are achieved when we know our mutual expectations and we face them.